What’s Happening At Columbia

Madonna Constantine has filed a lawsuit against Columbia University in the New York State Supreme Court. What could possibly be the grounds? The Spectator reports:

The law firm of Paul Giacomo will litigate Constantine’ case under an Article 78 proceeding of New York’s Civil Practice Law and Rules, which allows Constantine to challenge the process by which TC decided to fire her as being “arbitrary, capricious, and unreasonable” under state law. This means that the New York Supreme Court will use TC’s own rules to evaluate the process of Constantine’s termination.
Article 78 is a blurry area of law because it appeals an internal procedure to state court. The court will judge the case based on TC’s internal procedures, which can be vague.

However vague Columbia’s internal procedures are, Constantine was found guilty of three instances of plagiarism, a judgment reconfirmed on her initial appeal. Hopefully the New York State Supreme Court will put an end to this charade.
– An editorial in the Columbia Spectator champions an “An Indigenous Peoples Day”

I am asking for awareness of the truth about Columbus, as well as recognition of the indigenous framework as legitimate. Why does our country continue to institutionalize and nationalize the celebration of a man who began a genocide? And if you do not agree that it was “genocide”that was inflicted over the last five centuries upon the natives of this hemisphere, let me remind you that the definition of genocide is a systematic attempt at the killing of all the people of a national, ethnic or religious group. Columbus’s arrival marks the beginning of the exploitation of natural resources in the Americas and European mistreatment of Native Americans. When our nation celebrates Columbus Day, it upholds a certain imperialist point of view that does not include or even indulge non-Western standpoints.

I imagine they run one of those every year.


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