Day: September 8, 2009

Worth A Look

The latest installment of the Washington Monthly college rankings is out. Their ranking evaluates such factors as the percentage of students entering ROTC or the peace corps, awards won by professors, and total research expenditures. If you’re a sucker for college lists, you won’t be able to resist this one (here are some reasons why […]

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Engineering Is Your Path To Success

Almost all of the best-paying undergrad degrees by salary are in engineering, the Huffington Post points out in a gloss on the PayScale rankings of degrees by average salary.

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We Should Applaud Stanley Fish

In a recent interview with Mars Hill Audio Magazine, Stanley Fish insists on a distinction bound to vex his colleagues. Professors must remember, he says, the difference between academic judgment and political judgment. In a classroom situation, academic judgment is the application of academic training to materials within the purview of a discipline, for instance, […]

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