Day: February 25, 2013

The Student-Loan Crisis and an Attempt to Explain It Away

In an attempt to buck conventional wisdom, Nicole Allan and Derek Thompson of the Atlantic are tackling what they call “The Myth of the Student-Loan Crisis.” In a neat little infographic, they argue that both the cost of tuition and student debt obligations are lower than we think, that college is always and everywhere a wise investment, […]

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Fishy Courses: The Fake Red Snappers of Academe

Say you go down to local fishmonger and order a nice tuna steak.  You take it home, cook it up, serve it, and find it is succulent and delicious.  But before long you have cramps, nausea, and something worse.  Chances are what you thought was tuna was another fish, escolar. Tasty but not recommended.  The New […]

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Emory President Censured for Incorrect Opinion

By John S. Rosenberg This may be a first: the president of a major research university has just been formally censured by his faculty — a no confidence vote may be coming next month — because of an opinion about a historical event (and a conventional, mainstream opinion at that) he expressed in a university […]

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