Day: April 30, 2013

We Can Do Better Than MOOCs

Move over MOOCs, a different model is coming to town–blended learning. Deep within the New York Times’ article today on online courses, readers learned of the “striking” success of San Jose University’s pilot blended course. While MOOCs dominate conversations about the future of higher-ed, it’s the blended model, which combines face-to-face interaction with web based […]

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Are Conservative Academics Stuck in a Blind Alley?
Two Responses to Samuel Goldman (and Peter Lawler)

PETER WOOD: Samuel Goldman seeks to distinguish the small and marginal subset “conservative defenders of liberal education” from other kinds of conservatives. He places these poor folks “in a blind alley.” They are, he says, at odds both with “potential allies outside the conservative movement” and with the conservative movement itself, which finds its center of […]

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