Day: July 11, 2013

Saving Liberal Education From ‘The Humanities’

The report from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences about the sorry state of the humanities was utterly forgettable, and Andrew Sullivan focused sharply on what’s wrong with it. But I think a bit more should be said in the service of my conservative defense of liberal education, part of which is the defense […]

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St. Joe’s, Title IX, and Procedural Unfairness

An interesting Title IX case was filed earlier this week in Pennsylvania. (You can read the complaint here.)  Brian Harris, a former student at St. Joseph’s University, was expelled from the school after he was determined to have committed sexual misconduct. Harris has sued St. Joe’s, alleging gender discrimination on grounds that the judicial procedure […]

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Insufficient Staff ‘Diversity’? So What?

Both Inside Higher Ed and the Chronicle of Higher Education have just reported  on a new finger-wagging “report card” that scolds college athletic programs for “racial hiring practices” resulting in insufficiently “diverse” staffs. The card, issued by TIDES, the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport, is aghast that only 18.8 […]

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