Day: December 8, 2013

The Scandal at Auburn

Last week, James Taranto penned an extraordinary exposé of the continuing war on due process in college sexual assault tribunals. (“This is the kind of story I became a journalist to write,” he tweeted.) Taranto told the story of Joshua Strange, an Auburn student expelled for sexual assault, based on thin, arguably non-existent, evidence, and […]

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A Solution to Galloping Grade Inflation

A story in the Harvard Crimson last week reported on a meeting at the university that produced an exchange that should surprise nobody. Professor Harvey Mansfield rose in the midst of a session with faculty and administrators to pose a discomfiting question: “A little bird has told me that the most frequently given grade at […]

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A Wolf at the Door of Academe

The wolf at the door of American higher education is online instruction.  Traditional residential colleges hear it snuffling at the threshold.  They know they are vulnerable. They cannot compete on price.  Online is intrinsically cheaper.  They compete awkwardly on utility.  Online instruction is a more efficient way to convey knowledge and skills in a lot […]

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