Day: August 4, 2014

John Silber on Modern Academe

This is an excerpt from Roger Kimball’s Wall St. Journal review of “Seeking the North Star,” a collection of essays by the late John R. Silber, academic reformer and president of Boston University. *** Silber was often labeled “conservative.” In fact, and as he always insisted, he was a liberal of the old school. He […]

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A College Wastes $225,000 on Hillary Clinton

The College Fix When news broke that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be paid $225,000 to address an October fundraiser for the UNLV Foundation, you could only imagine student reaction. Recent tuition hikes on UNLV students, including a four-year, 17 percent hike passed a few weeks earlier, only compounded the outrage. For students working to afford the […]

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