Day: August 7, 2014

Troubling provision in Campus Sex-Safety Act

Liberty Unyielding It is a conflict of interest — and sometimes a violation of the Constitution — for a fine to go to the very unit of government that employs the judge or official who imposed the fine. That gives the official an incentive to find the accused guilty in order to enrich the official’s […]

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Chinese Students, Please Apply!

When my daughter Jessie was applying to graduate school, I asked one of my tennis buddies with a PhD from Caltech whether he thought Caltech would give Jessie any preference since there are so few women in physics. He replied cautiously that his impression was that Caltech had remained pretty steadfastly meritocratic, so she was […]

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How Yale Brands Innocent Males as Rapists

The OCR’s “Dear Colleague” letter (2011) from the Obama Department of Education can be seen as a convenient starting point for the current war on campus due process for accused students—but a handful of elite schools actually made moves earlier.

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