Day: January 4, 2015

Marquette’s Reputation at Stake

“Be the difference” is the motto of Marquette University, the generally not-very-newsworthy Jesuit university in Milwaukee.  Marquette is in the news now for reasons that it cannot be very happy about. First a teaching assistant at the Catholic institution, Cheryl Abbate, a doctoral student in philosophy, was caught on tape earlier this year giving a […]

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KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor, Jr on UVA

KC  Johnson and Stuart Taylor, Jr. say the mess at the University of Virginia over the Rolling Stone story of alleged rape is worse than the notorious mishandling of the Duke lacrosse case.

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Duke a Fat Target for Due Process Lawsuits

Among the many institutions facing due process lawsuits none, perhaps, is more deserving than Duke, a university that all but defined hostility to due process in the lacrosse case. The school lost in court last year, in a case filed by Lewis McLeod, whom Duke had branded a rapist after a highly dubious procedure. McLeod […]

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