The Lack of Integrity at Penn

Amy Wax - National Review

“The diversity imperative demands dissimulation and evasion,” Heather Mac Donald writes in City Journal about the public shaming by Penn Law School of Professor Amy Wax for pointing out hard truths about racial preferences. Many of us would put that assertion less politely and simply say that sustaining such preferences and cloaking their true costs requires a good deal of sustained lying. Mac Donald argues that the ubiquity of racial preferences must be suppressed in public discourse, “since they undercut the narrative that white racism is the driving force in American society.”

Read more about Amy Wax and academic freedom here:


One thought on “The Lack of Integrity at Penn”

  1. Our so-called Progressives just cannot admit that any of their plans for improving society through social engineering have bad consequences, in this case insisting on admission quotas for students based simply on the happenstance of their ancestry.

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