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Conservative Students Say Iowa Universities Are Stifling Free Speech: Des Moines Register, February 7

Regents Oppose Campus ‘Intellectual Diversity’ Measure: US News, February 6

Massive New Diversity Initiative at San Diego State: The College Fix, February 5

Reeducation Camp Planned for Whites at University in St. Louis, New American, January 29

University’s ‘Racial Justice’ Similar to Socialism – Campus Reform, 12.1.18

Gonzaga Blocks Ben Shapiro Speech, Citing ‘Jesuit’ Values – Lifesite, 12.1.18

The ACLU’s J’Accuse – The Weekly Standard, 12.1.18

Campus Racial Politics and Double Standards – The College Fix, 12.1.18

Rutgers, in Reversal, Cancels Speech on Free Speech MEDIAite, October 12

UC Berkeley Limits Free Speech…Again  The Daily Signal, October 10

This Article Exposes Grievance Studies  Patheos, October 9

Montgomery County’s Grade Inflation Is a Wake-Up Call  WAPO, October 8

OMG! A Conservative Wants a Seat on Yale’s Board of Trustees – Yale Daily News, 9.16.18

Binghamton Students Protest Annual Fundraiser – Pipe Dream, 9.17.18

Fudging SAT Scores to Help Minorities – The Daily Evergreen, 9.12.18

A Guide To Trump’s Campus Sexual Policy – The Atlantic, August 30

Justice Dept. Greenlights Lawsuit Against Harvard – NY Times, August 30

SJW Students Teach “Whiteness” at UC Berkeley – Campus Reform, August 28

Turning Community Colleges Into Diploma Mills – Daily Trojan – August 28

Is Betsy DeVos the Last Secretary of Education? – CBS News, 8.4

Trading ‘Free Speech’ for ‘Better Speech’ Proves Unspeakably Clueless – National Post, 8.3

Left-Wingers Also Being Fired for Their Opinions – Vox Media, 8.3

Harvard Lawsuit Divides Asian Americans – Boston Globe, 8.1

U Mich. Backpedals on Draconian Speech Policy  One News Now, June 21

Admitted to College by Race? Winners & Losers  Bloomberg, June 21

Retracted Post-Colonialism Article Given New Life  Campus Reform, June 20

UW Pays Republican Student Group $122,500 in Legal Fees  Campus Safety, June 20

More Misery in Missouri  Wall Street Journal, June 15

Jordan Peterson Sues Prof for Libel  Vox, June 15

Harvard Rated Asian American Applicants Lower  NY Times, June 15

States Use “Free Speech” to Quell Student Protests  NY Times, June 14

Provocateurs on Campus Conceal the Free Speech Issue  AEI, June 4

Princeton Review Reveals Top 10 College Majors  SiLive, June 3

You Can Think It, But Don’t Dare Say It  Campus Reform, June 1

A Liberal College Made Me More Conservative  The Hill, June 1

Don’t Use These Words, or the PC Police Will Get You   NY Post, May 26

A Salary Cap for College Coaches in California?, May 25

Yes, There’s a Major Free Speech Problem on Our Campuses  The Hill, May 22

Dartmouth Survey Shows Democrat Students Are the Most Intolerant College Fix May 22

Yale Accused of Discriminating Against…Men  The Blaze, May 21

Lawsuit vs. Michigan Targets ‘Bias Response Team’  The New American, May 21, 2018

Four Unintended Consequences of Federal Student Loans, Forbes, May 21

Affirmative action punishes minorities, too. I’m one of them.  The College Fix, May 21

ACLU: Fight Hate Speech With More Speech  Reason, May 18

A Red Flag on Campus Free Speech  Washington Post, May 18

Salaries for New Graduates Rose 5.2% Since Last Year  CNBC, May 18

Swathmore Dean Resigns Over Student Protests  News Network, May 17

Male Accuser Turns Table on Female in Campus Kangaroo Court  The Federalist, May 16

Walking a Tightrope on Controversial Speakers  Inside Higher Ed, May 16

The Educational Importance of the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’  Washington Examiner, May 15

Turning Point USA Is the Worst of Campus Conservatism  Vice, May 15

Students, Colleges Should Learn From Liberty U.’s Civility  The Hill, May 12

Administrative Salaries Jumped 42% at Kansas U., May 13

Coffee Shop Will Leave Duke After Rap Music Complaint  The News & Observer, May 11

Evergreen to Cut $6 Million from Budget After Enrollment Drop  The Olympian, May 11

Watchdog Takes UMich to Court Over ‘Subjective’ Speech Code  The College Fix, May 8

Florida’s Defensive Coordinator Gets a $4.7 million, 3-Year Payday, May 9

Prof Fired for Having the ‘Wrong Opinion?’  Inside Higher Ed, May 8

DNA Testing Will Make an Impact on College Admissions  The NY Post, May 7

As Colleges Polarize Politically, Extremists Get Younger  Youth Today, May 7

New Campus Free Speech Law Mandates Neutrality on Controversial Policies  National Review, May 7

He Was Accused of Rape. Now, She’s Been Arrested.  The State, May 6

Big Brother: The Future of Ivy League Fraternities  Yale Daily News, May 6

Why I’m a Men’s Rights Activist  Washington Examiner, May 6

College Campuses Should be Neutral Places for All Ideas   The Channels, May 6

South Carolina Passes Bill to Fight Antisemitism on Campus  The Algemeiner, May 4

The Problem of Whiteness Is Still, Inevitably, White People   Bader Herald, May 4th

Psychologists: ‘There is no alternative to free speech’  Medical Xpress, May 2

Free Speech Efforts on Campus Face Uphill Battle in California  Daily Signal, May 2

Academic Rigor: The Words We Don’t Say  The Dartmouth, May 2

UW Students Combat White Supremacy, Racism on Campus  Badger Herald May 1st

College Sex Ed Calls Students Noobs for Failing Test  Washington Examiner, May 1st

Free to Be Coalition Promotes Diversity of Ideas on Campus  Digital Journal, May 1st

Ten Best College Majors for Getting Hired  Think Advisor, May 1st

25 Public Colleges That Give Students the Biggest Return on Investment  Money, May 1st

Event sponsored by conservative student group sparks protest at UNH  April 30, WMURg

Forget What Your English Teacher Told You — Trade Jobs Pay Pretty Darn Well  The Hustle, April 30

Saying OK to Sex? There’s an App for That  Wall Street Journal, April 30

Why Bill and Melinda Gates Put 20,000 Students Through College  CBS News, April 29

Video: Campus Free Speech Crisis (Heather Mac Donald), April 29

Diversity Culture Wastes Money and Divides the Campus Washington Examiner. April 29

The Danger of a Distorted View of the Right  The Atlantic, April 27

How to Bolster the First Amendment on College Campuses   Los Angeles Times, April 27

University of New Mexico Erects ‘Free Speech Zone’ Signs…  Christian News, April 25

Here’s Why Millennials Should Be Furious About DACA  Washington Examiner, April 25