Author: Zachary James Bramble

Zachary James Bramble is an American composer, pianist, and tenor, holding a DMA in Music Composition and a Doctoral minor in Opera Performance from the University of Arizona, where he studied under Daniel Asia's tutelage. He also holds an MBA with a focus in accounting from University of Phoenix. Bramble owns and operates BookSmarts Bookkeeping & Tax Services, a full-service accounting firm in Tucson, Arizona. He also maintains a private music education studio, educating community members in music composition, piano, and voice. Bramble currently acts as the National Association of Scholars Arizona Chapter President.

The Artists United Will Never Be Defeated … Or Will They?

In 1975, Frederic Rzewski composed his 36-variation piano piece The People United Will Never Be Defeated! in response to the struggles of the Chilean people under the new rule of Augusto Pinochet. Pinochet, whose dictatorship usurped the leftist Unidad Popular coalition in 1973, came under heavy criticism from artists of the time, especially since the […]

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