Writing for Minding the Campus


You don’t have to be Shakespeare or Woodward and Bernstein to write for MTC. But we do have clear expectations of what makes a good, compelling article – and as do our readers.

The basics:

  • All pieces, including columns, need to be reported and verified with links, quotes, or research that supports your ideas.
  • We’d like to see links to clips (not academic papers), and brief story pitches.
  • If your idea has been written about before (most have), try to find a new angle and a compelling lead.
  • Because 60 percent of all internet readers are on phones, shorter is better. A 500 to 700-word piece with a chart might get more attention than a 1,500-word article if it’s sharply honed.
  • As always, the words must be yours, excepting people and other publications you quote and source.

If we accept your pitch and assign a story, you’ll be expected to sign a writer’s contract, which also allows us to pay you and issue a 1099 tax document at the end of the year.

Types of Stories

To date, we have published short pieces and essays from a variety of professors, academics, and journalists. We also invite students who can report and verify first-hand experiences regarding curriculum, protests, free speech and other controversies.

Now, we’re hoping to break news by investing in groundbreaking investigations. Reporters with IRE training, a track record in investigative journalism, or data science could make a huge difference exposing how the politics at some universities are driving the curriculum and shutting out diverse ideas.

Finally, thank you for considering writing for MTC. We welcome your ideas and look forward to working with you.

John Leo, Editor