Dry Campuses–A Solution to Binge-drinking or Not?

A recent study by Harvard’s School of Public Health concludes that a third of all American campuses are now officially “dry”–no beer or booze allowed for students. This policy has drawn a lot of support from those who believe it creates communities less focused on drinking. But opponents claim it forces binge-drinking underground, restricts student […]

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Goofing Off At College

This is an excerpt from Professor Toby’s new book, The Lowering of Higher Education in America (Praeger). The balance between the pursuit of education and the pursuit of fun varies from college to college. Students in selective colleges and universities are less likely to goof off than in unselective institutions for at least two reasons. […]

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Collegians Legally Drinking At 18?

Some 128 college and university presidents have lent their names to a statement questioning the wisdom of the national 21-year-old minimum drinking age. This has re-ignited a long-simmering debate about our nation’s approach to the vexing problems of drunk driving and alcohol abuse. In 1984, Congress chose to attack these two related (but in many […]

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