Alex McHugh

Dry Campuses–A Solution to Binge-drinking or Not?

A recent study by Harvard’s School of Public Health concludes that a third of all American campuses are now officially “dry”–no beer or booze allowed for students. This policy has drawn a lot of support from those who believe it creates communities less focused on drinking. But opponents claim it forces binge-drinking underground, restricts student […]

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“I’m paying for the student coalition to end what?”

The classic tuition bill covers tuition, room and board if applicable, and fees.  This somewhat amorphous last item generally doesn’t worry students much.  It’s usually a small sum, just a few hundred dollars.  Unless of course you’re attending Rutgers, where high fees are needed to fund things like a  $30,000 speech from Snooki.  However, there is […]

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