College Insurrection

Today Professor William Jacobson (of Legal Insurrection fame) launched College Insurrection, a new website devoted to higher education. The site, according to Professor Jacobson, will help “conservative/libertarian students…find out what is going on with like-minded students on other campuses, and understand that they are the many, not the few, no matter what they are told.”  […]

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The Power of Academic Blogging

I want to say how pleased I am to join Minding the Campus as a regular blogger. My first in-depth exposure to the power of the blogosphere came during my tenure battle, when I received timely and extremely effective support from bloggers Erin O’Connor and Jerry Sternstein. I quickly discovered that in commenting on technical […]

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In The Blogs

Some reading for the day: – Advice on improving scholarly journals at The Monkey Cage (part one and part two) -Richard Vedder on innovations at the University of Toledo. Contracting out for online education? Imagine that? -The Epicurean Dealmaker on college expenditures. “In short, private education in America spends money like a drunken sailor with […]

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