The Campus Assault on American History

As a professional historian at Hamilton College, I teach my students that the United States was founded on the principles of limited government, voluntary exchange, respect for private property, and civil freedom.  Does any sane parent believe that more than a tiny fraction of students graduate from college these days with a deep and abiding […]

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Harvard, Where Civility Trumps Free Speech

Harvard’s Dean of Freshmen Thomas Dingman has managed to circumvent the brouhaha he created last year with his “kindness pledge.” To recap: In the fall of 2011 Dean Dingman drew the wrath of former Dean of Harvard College Harry Lewis, as well as the mockery and criticism of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education(FIRE) […]

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Harvard Won’t Stop Pushing ‘Community Values’

After pushing freshmen to “pledge” to official Harvard values last year, this year the college is training students that there is One Right Ethical Way to Live Here at Harvard. “We did not have [freshmen] sign pledges,” Dean of Freshmen Thomas A. Dingman told The Harvard Crimson for a Sept. 7 article, “but we pushed every bit as hard on how […]

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