How to Get Rich by Founding a School

What happens when higher education becomes not an end in itself, but a means for rapacious gain? Consider the current case in point: A small, primarily online Massachusetts institution, the National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS), and its former president, Robert J. Gee. A team of student investigative reporters at Northeastern University, combing through […]

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Student Editor Details the Corruption at Brown

As university after university follows the OCR’s mandate to lower the threshold for evaluating campus sexual assault claims–and thereby to increase the likelihood of convictions from false accusations–it’s worth keeping in mind cases in which even the pre-“Dear Colleague” procedure broke down. Caleb Warner’s is one such case; William McCormick’s is another.

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Can We Change The Campus Culture?

People ask me when I got my first inkling that something was seriously wrong with the culture of our campuses of higher education. It was in the mid-1980s, and it had nothing to do — yet — with the post-modern corruption of the liberal arts, which was then beyond my professional interests and experiences. It […]

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