racial discrimination

The Myth of Housing Disparities and Residential Segregation

Educational inequities, racial wealth gaps, health disparities, environmental racism … America’s race peddlers have invaded every aspect of our public life with their ongoing schemes of injecting race into various government programs, education policies, health initiatives, and so on. Alas, the never-ending race grift has descended on government housing policies. Since 2023, the San Diego […]

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Maryland Regrets the End of Racial Discrimination

The higher education community awaited a Supreme Court decision regarding campus admissions with great anxiety. After the Court issued Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. Presidents and Fellows of Harvard College (SFFA) banning such racial discrimination, many campuses deplored it and sought ways to avoid its effect. An official letter to the “Dear Terrapin Community” […]

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Racial Discrimination by the University of Virginia

By John S. Rosenberg The University of Virginia has just released data about it applicants for the class of 2020, including a “record number of Early Action minority applications.” These numbers reveal a prima facie case of racial discrimination by the university. The cover of the February 1 Cavalier Daily presents a graphic display of […]

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Another Illegal ‘Diversity’ Scheme at Michigan

By John S. Rosenberg In my first year of graduate school at Yale, the debate over admitting women to the college was still raging.  A joke (or maybe it wasn’t) at that time was that the Old Yalies were perfectly willing for the college to go co-ed — so long as no male who would […]

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Asian students

Admissions Stacked Against Asians–It’s OK with the Feds

The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights has dismissed the longstanding discrimination complaints of Asian Americans, giving Ivy League and other institutions a green light to continue chromatically contouring the results of their “holistic” admissions processes so that applicants who are black or brown or red consistently are admitted with lower academic scores than […]

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