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Will work for student loan payment

A Conservative Path to Higher Ed Reform

This is an edited transcript of comments delivered by Mr. Kelly at the 2015 Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation Symposium on “The Future of Higher Education” June 3 in Washington D.C.The event was co-sponsored by the Ethics and Public Policy Center and National Affairs. You can read the full transcript of the symposium here. Three trends are complicating […]

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We Can End the Student Loan Mess

By Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Jared Meyer This month, as 1.8 million newly minted bachelor’s degrees are handed out, most graduates will be coming off the stage with much more than a fancy piece of paper. Seventy percent will take an average of $27,000 in student loan debt with them as they try to build their careers after college.  This […]

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Give Up Your Citizenship for $100,000 over Four Years?

• Campus Reform asked out-of-state students at UVA and UMD if they would be willing to give up their U.S. citizenship to become “undocumented students.”
• Out-of-state students at both universities pay nearly twice as much as in-state students and illegal immigrants pay.

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