The Ultimate Victory of Liberal Bias

The Daily Texan has reported that a conservative student group at University of Texas-Austin has inaugurated a “watch list” containing the names of professors who “politicize the classroom” and squash “dissenting opinion.”  The chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas describes the list as an information resource, providing information on wayward instructors before students sign up […]

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Digital Nannying on Campus

An article co-published by the New York Times and Chronicle of Higher Education reports that several universities now engage in student data mining. Electronic monitoring systems collect bits of digital information to create databases of profiles by tracking, timing, and tallying student activities like swiping ID badges or working on online assignments. The data collected […]

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Read and Watch

A new issue of the Dartmouth Review is up. Also, check out video of the first panel of this month’s National Association of Scholars conference.

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