Bloom Conference On C-SPAN This Weekend

C-SPAN Book TV will broadcast three panels from the Manhattan Institute Center for the American University’s Closing of the American Mind Conference on Saturday and Sunday. Take a look at the schedule for details. Robert George, Roger Kimball, Jim Piereson, Heather MacDonald, and other luminaries are not to be missed.


One thought on “Bloom Conference On C-SPAN This Weekend”

  1. Imagine if teachers accepted from students what was merely “fashionable” and not excellence in
    their essays. Why then should the teacher accept what is “fashionable” in terms of content to teach rather than what has been shown
    to be excellent? Even when a good argument arises against the Western canon part of what
    constitutes that good argument is KNOWING the
    Western canon! If Harold Bloom is correct (the other Bloom) in that Yahweh helps to create Lear–and I think it does–and that it is the profound sense of humanity in Scripture (not the miracles)that promotes that book, then
    what kind of humans do we create given the
    fashionable agenda of colleges today?

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