Reforming The Politically Correct University

Here are links for the majority of papers from the American Enterprise Institute’s “Reforming The Politically Correct University” conference on November 14.

Do take a look; there’s much of worth here:

“The American University: Yesterday, Today – and Tomorrow”
James Piereson
“By the Numbers: The Ideological Profile of Professors”
Daniel Klein & Charlotta Stern
“Groupthink in Academia: Majoritarian Departmental Politics and the Professional Pyramid”
Daniel Klein & Charlotta Stern
“Left Pipeline: Why Conservatives Don’t Get Doctorates”
Matthew Woessner & April Kelly-Woessner
“The Vanishing Conservative – Is There a Glass Ceiling?”
Stanley Rothman & S. Robert Lichter
“Campus Speech Codes: Absurd, Tenacious, and Everywhere”
Greg Lukianoff
“The Negative Influence of Education Schools on K-12 Curriculum”
Sandra Stotsky
“When Is Diversity Not Diversity: A Brief History of the English Department”
Paul Cantor
“Linguistics from the Left: The Truth about Black English That the Academy Doesn’t Want
You to Know”

John McWhorter
“Why Political Science Is Left But Not PC: Causes of Disunion and Diversity”
James Ceaser
“Political Correctness in the Science Classroom”
Noretta Koertge
“Reforming the Politically Correct University: The Role of Alumni and Trustees”
Anne Neal
“Where We’ve Come From and Where We Should Go: The Route to Academic Pluralism”
Stephen Balch
“To Reform the Politically Correct University, Reform the Liberal Arts”
John Agresto


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