Day: January 7, 2008

MLA Paper Titles. As If You Could Wait.

I know this is almost too easy, but here are several nominees for the best paper titles at this year’s MLA Conference: “The Buggering Hillbilly in the Buddy Movie: Male Sexuality in Deliverance“ “Giving Ourselves a Good Kick in the Assessment: Entering and Expanding the Outcomes Conversation,” and my favorite: “Queer in a Vaginal Economy: […]

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Northwestern Makes The Cold War Disappear

In order to fulfill the requirements for a major in history at Northwestern University, my daughter took a course called “The Cold War At Home.” As one might imagine in the hothouse of the college system, left wing views predominate. The students read Ellen Shrecker, not Ronald Radosh. Joseph McCarthy has been transmogrified into Adolf […]

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