Charlotte Allen Joins Minding The Campus

Charlotte Allen, who you will likely recognize from her work in Lingua Franca, The Weekly Standard, The Wall Street Journal, and The Los Angeles Times, is joining Minding The Campus as a contributing editor. She’ll be contributing regularly to the blog, and writing occasional articles for us. In addition to her writing she’s currently finishing a doctorate in medieval studies at the Catholic University of America. All would be well-advised to read “Death By Political Correctness”, her excellent account of the end of Antioch College, from The Weekly Standard last November. And keep your eye on the site for her future work


One thought on “Charlotte Allen Joins Minding The Campus”

  1. Dear Charlotte Allen:
    I am copying a letter just sent to Dr H. Silvergate re the Yael fraternity issue. I do hope you will continue to work for real justice, as you did in you LA Times piece this morning
    Dear Dr. Silvergate:
    I appreciate your “What Yale’s President Should Have Said about the Frat Boys” as well as Charlotte Allen’s similarly inspired, “Fraternity Row,” in today’s (8 June 2011) LATimes. I write to encourage you and “Minding the Campus” to continue. Real damage is being done by malicious, and now empowered, students, in an ever more competitive professional and grade-conscious environment. Some are simply intent upon retaliation for faculty grading.
    In our small department here at UCR, we have recently experienced a rash of such malicious allegations of sexual harassment against faculty. And, from what I have been able to conclude, such retaliation against faculty lies at the root of these charges. Some charges have even proceeded to invoking Title IX – in effect, misusing the procedures designed to provide real protection from faculty predation, to seek personal revenge.
    There is something out of joint with the lowering of evidence standards in alleged sexual harassment cases, as the well-documented piece (attached) from the UVa Law Review argues. As I read this article, it makes the point that once accused, a faculty member is prevented from counter-suit even if the charge against them should prove to be false and malicious. This is an outrage. At the very least, wronged individuals should have to hand some potent source of redress for what is, in effect, character assassination or slander.
    Professor Ivan Strenski,
    Dept. of Religious Studies,
    3013 INTN,
    University of California, Riverside,
    Riverside, CA 92521
    Contact: 808-640-4869;

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