Butter For Brandeis?

Darren Garnick, of the Boston Herald, wrote to point out a bizarre element of Brandeis University’s new marketing efforts, the subject of one of his recent columns:

As part of its new rebranding campaign on the Web, Brandeis University now touts itself as “Smart from the Start,” celebrating its historical relationships with Albert Einstein, Leonard Bernstein and Eleanor Roosevelt. Dissolving from the famous faces to a pensive professor, Brandeis becomes the headquarters of “Smart Thinking.”
From there, the slideshow at the top of the university’s home page curiously cuts to a bright yellow tub of Smart Balance, a butter substitute that promises to improve the ratio of good HDL cholesterol to bad LDL cholesterol.

It seems that the advertising relationship is mutual: Smart Balance touts the university connection on its packaging. Read Garnick’s piece for the full story. Brandeis, not just smart, but creamy too.


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