A Wall Street Journal Editorial today draws attention to the Olin Foundation’s final bequest, to our very own VERITAS fund.

Here’s the Journal’s description:

..Using as a model Princeton’s James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, Veritas looks for professors with ideas for bringing intellectual diversity to campus. Veritas has already disbursed $2.5 million to programs like Boston College’s Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy, the University of Colorado’s Center for Western Civilization, and Cornell’s Center for the Foundations of Free Societies.

The money that Veritas is getting from Olin comes in the form of a “matching gift,” meant to encourage other donors to keep up the good work. The late John Olin – who amassed a fortune in metals, rocket fuel, paper and pharmaceuticals – started pouring money (almost $150 million, all told) into the foundation in 1969, shortly after armed students took over the administration building at his alma mater, Cornell University.

If you’d like to help achieve this matching gift, look directly to VERITAS.


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