Day: June 25, 2008

Moderating The AAUP And MLA?

At its annual meeting, the American Association of University Professors declined to vote to criticize Israel, yet voted to condemn Iran. In December, the MLA rejected a statement defending critics of Israel and replaced it with a much-milder statement defending contentious Middle East research. They also resisted condemning Ward Churchill’s firing, and instead only objected […]

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Framing The News

Madonna Constantine, Columbia’s Plagiarist, has been fired. How have some reported on this? “Victim of Hate Incident Fired From Columbia University” – The Daily Voice “Victim of Noose Incident, Columbia U. Professor Is Fired Amid Plagiarism Charges” – Diverse Issues In Higher Education Remember, the plagiarism was proven, the noose charge wasn’t. In case you […]

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