A Room Of One’s (Rigorously Gender-Neutral) Own

Transgendered Students at Yale are pressing for gender-neutral housing, the Yale Daily News reports. Somehow, Yale, run by a Puritan cabal as it is, has failed to yet provide it, and cites further difficulties in moving forward with such a plan:

Administrators say they remain committed to meeting the needs of their students and have cited Yale’s unusual system of residential colleges as a complicating factor in moving ahead with such a move. But members of Yale’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, pointing to what they say is a disturbingly low number of openly transgender students on campus, are pushing the University to do more to make Yale feel welcoming to transgender students. Yale is currently one of only two Ivy League schools not to offer its undergraduates gender-neutral housing, and unless that changes, LGBT community members say, the University will get stuck in a self-perpetuating cycle that will make it difficult attract transgender students.

“It’s not mysterious what trans people want,” said Scott Larson DIV ’09, who is transgender and queer. “They want safety, they want accommodations, and they want to be part of a community that wants them to be there.”

Undoubtedly, transgender students are being furnished with safety, courtesy of the university police and the residential system; they are being given fine accommodations, and the “community” is clearly welcoming. The Daily News reports that (somehow, god knows) “applicants still find the school appealing because of its active queer population and renowned Women’s Gender & Sexuality program.” The Yale Co-op also hosts a “Trans Week” focused on issues of relevance to transgender students. The Dean of Administrative Affairs professed a willingness to work with any students who come forward with issues of concerns about housing. Yet this isn’t nearly enough for the protesting students. Not while, according to one student, gendered housing continues “amplifying oppression.”
Remember, at the modern university “unwelcoming” = “unwilling to provide any and all special requirements a group may desire.”


3 thoughts on “A Room Of One’s (Rigorously Gender-Neutral) Own

  1. What, pray tell, is transgender and queer? (Other than confused?) I’d speculate, but I’m sure that would be politically incorrect. I would add, though, such obsessions with sexuality strike me as abnormal and dysfunctional, as apparently these folks are only able to identify and associate with others on the basis of where one plugs-in their reproductive organs.

  2. So, I am puzzled as to how to configure a transgender dorm. Put urinals in the ladies’ rooms, and sanitary napkin dispensers in the men’s rooms?

  3. I doubt that any of the students who feel “unwelcome” will leave the university. They are too addicted to that intoxicating feeling of victimhood that they’ve put so much effort into working up.

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