Across The Great Midwest

– The University of Michigan has opened a Computer and Video Games Archive

Now, as the Michigan Daily reports, students can study video games at their library. “Or just play them.” How exactly will this work?

Once traffic picks up, the library will use a reservation system, with priority going to researchers.


Because of budget limits, Carter said, the archive will focus on games with cultural and critical significance. But, archive officials intend to have a broad representation of the variety of video games available.

Current offerings include Guitar Hero III and Smash Brothers Melee. You never know what researchers might require. In case culturally-vital sequels come along, the center is equipped with $10,000 per year for purchasing. Presumably, no precious cultural resources will slip lost into history this way. It makes you ponder how many boardwalk peepshows were lost for lack of forward-thinking academic librarians.

– Speaking of academically vital offerings, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright will be delivering a lecture at Northwestern University. For Members Only, a black student group that protested the decision to rescind Wright’s honorary degree last spring, has invited him to speak at their “State of the Black Union” event. I’ve no doubt his academic insights will go over well.


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