Day: November 19, 2008

Roger Kimball Podcast

Listen to our podcast of John Leo and Roger Kimball discussing the new edition of Kimball’s Tenured Radicals and the state of the modern university. – Sensationalist lure: one solution involves tanks.

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More And More Staff

The Center for College Affordability offers a great chart of the week, displaying the growth in the number of staff per student. At both public and private universities, the faculty numbers grew modestly, but were dwarfed by the change (1976 to 2006) in the increase in the number of “other professional” positions. Interestingly, private universities […]

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When College Rankings Are A Marketing Ploy

As author of a major college guide, I try to approach college admissions issues from the point of view of what’s best for college-bound high school students and their parents. I speak with lots of such students and their parents every year, and the one topic that is guaranteed to come up is: What should […]

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