Day: December 5, 2008

Campus Madness, Part 346

– A leader of Michigan State’s student government could be suspended for emailing a critique of changes in campus policies to faculty members and asking for their views. Kara Spencer wrote an analysis of the university’s proposed changes in the academic calendar and freshman orientation and emailed it to 391 members of the faculty. As […]

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Attend This Conference

If you weren’t aware, the annual conference of the National Association of Scholars is fast-approaching, and well-worth your time and attendance. The conference, held at the Washington Marriot January from 9th to 11th, will feature Abigail Thernstrom, Victor Davis Hanson, Richard Vedder, and the excellent folks at NAS, among others. Take a look at the […]

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The Next Bubble?

The idea of “bubble” has been on everyone’s mind since the escalating housing and economic crisis first erupted in July 2007. Throughout these turbulent times, one institution appeared to be coasting along above the fray: Higher Education. Higher ed has been growing for decades, becoming a staple in the national political economy. The supply and […]

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