Day: March 18, 2009

Less Writing, More Teaching?

Years ago, assigned to cover a national meeting of sociologists for a major newspaper, I asked the convention press office to get me a copy of every paper to be delivered. The press officer looked thunderstruck but complied, handing over several hundred papers in a stack more than three feet high. I read them all […]

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VERITAS in Philanthropy

Philanthropy profiles the VERITAS Fund, among other organizations, in a look at new efforts to revive civic education on American campuses. Take a look.

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6 New Rules Of College Admissions

The Daily Beast offers several interesting features on “Getting In.” Read “How Obama’s College Plan Hurts My Generation” on rising college costs, “The Year to Bribe Your Way In” on this year’s increased efficacy of donation as an admissions (ahem) tool, and other stories on cheap colleges and application strategies.

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