No One Said It’d Be Easy

“Choosing Community College Means Some Homework” by Kathy M. Kristof from the L.A. Times:

“You can go two years to a community college for the cost of one course at a four-year university,” said Don Silver, author of the “Community College Transfer Guide.” “What is overlooked is how complex it can be.”
Too often, students who go to community college take the wrong courses and find out later that these class credits aren’t transferable, he said. That can cause them to get discouraged and never graduate.
Those who do graduate often take a year or two more than those who went directly to a four-year university, Silver said.
If you figure that those extra two years in school cost the student two years of working, the touted savings of going the community college route can quickly evaporate.

It’s not so simple. Read more to find out.


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