Day: October 15, 2009

Questions For The College Board

The New York Times’ college admissions blog The Choice hosted four days of questions for the President of the College Board. The questioners aren’t pulling any punches: I always try to give the benefit of the doubt, but is the College Board really nonprofit? Why does testing cost so much? Where does the money go? […]

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The Rankings Go Global

The Times Higher Education Supplement has now come out with its sixth annual listing of the world’s top universities. Harvard continues to top the list, followed by the denizen of that other Cambridge across the Pond, which has now edged out Yale. The big news this year: the number of North American universities in the […]

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The Group Of 88 In The News

One reason the academic side of the lacrosse case was so important is that the Group of 88—the Duke arts and sciences faculty members who, two weeks into the case, declared that something had “happened” to false accuser Crystal Mangum and thanked protesters who had carried ‘CASTRATE’ signs for “not waiting and for making yourselves […]

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