A Great Article on a Disastrous Act of Federal Meddling

Sandy Hingston has captured, in an article of extraordinary importance, the fruits of political correctness in the Dept of Education (the insistence that colleges make it almost impossible for men to be found innocent of charges of sexual misbehavior), the infantilization of women; the grotesque joining of careerism, cynicism, and ideological blinders to actual justice in what is now the sexual assault racket; the painful vulnerability of every male on our campuses; the contempt for due process and fairness in emerging campus judicial systems; and the certain human tragedies that will follow in the wake of this.

We have criminal courts, of course, but they sometimes actually find innocent males innocent, so that will not do. And there, on the Main Line, sits the huckster Brett Sokolow, getting rich by trivializing actual rape and conflating it with voluntary sex or even touching on a few drinks, often initiated by the women themselves. I once asked the long-ago Vice-Provost for University Life at Penn, Jim Bishop, when this stuff—now mandated by the federal government—was first coming in at the University.

“If a man came to you on a Sunday morning and said he’d been raped…. the woman had given him four drinks…would you charge the man with rape?” He said, “You don’t understand the power imbalance between women and men.” I said, “You don’t understand the legal equality for which women have fought.”

All fundamental fairness disappears from campus judicial systems now, and we send our children, young adults, and future individuals of possible influence to places where they learn to accept injustice, kangaroo courts, double standards, and all the things that, in fact, decent Americans have struggled against for these past fifty years. I am so grateful to you for getting this story, in its real terms, out to the public. It’s already circulating widely on Facebook. I’ve read twenty pieces on the “Dear Colleague” letter. Sandy Hingston’s is the finest, and nothing is in second place. I’ve sent it on to all the serious journalists and columnists I know. Thank you, Sandy.


2 thoughts on “A Great Article on a Disastrous Act of Federal Meddling

  1. Mr.Sokolow is a huckster from the Al Gore School of Bunko: Find a “problem” that you can manipulate in such a way (to the point of fabrication out of whole cloth), so that you can scare the begeezus out of people, and charge oodles of money to help them with a “solution.” Forget the fact that reality does not bear out the hysteria being promulgated. And in this case of hucksterism, the consitutional rights of men are just flushed down the toilet.
    I also want to quote Shakespeare: “I am ashamed that women are so simple.” These young women need to learn how to take personal reponsibility! While I feel that Feminism and the Sexual Revolution have failed them by bringing them to this point, any one of them with a brain, a spine, and even an iota of some morals would realize that they are responsible for their actions: THEY can say “no” to the extra drink, to the invite to a secluded room, to even go to a party.

  2. The situation described in the Sandy Hingston column is awful. The only explanation I can fathom about the new definitions of sexual assault are that they are written by people who do no want young people to have sexual relations.
    If people want to make chastity mandatory, they should come out and say so.

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