Day: October 12, 2011

In Defense of Bad Teaching

In rounding up the usual evil-doer suspects in today’s university, “bad teaching” always makes the short list. After all, who can possibly favor “bad teaching? What’s next–praising bad food or, worse, demanding bad sex? Unfortunately, this commendable impulse to improve teaching may bring a cure far worse than the disease. This is not defending sloth […]

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Cheating is the New Normal

A well-publicized cheating scandal at Great Neck High School featured a criminal entrepreneur taking SAT tests for college-bound high school students. My colleagues in the Academy tell me cheating is endemic with papers written by “service” organizations and plagiarism a national contagion. Teachers are routinely engaged in “scrubbing” various tests in an effort to increase […]

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The Next Corporate Tax Target: The University?

Here is a story in The Fiscal Times that may sound a distant warning to wealthy universities.  It raises a question that might sound repeatedly in the coming years: Since some private universities are so wealthy, why don’t they pay taxes? As the article notes, last year was a good year for endowments.  Harvard’s climbed […]

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