Dartmouth Costs $62,125 a Year

(reprinted from Joe Asch’s Dartblog)

While the College takes pride in extending generous financial aid to 57.4% of the student body, the other 42.6% pays full whack. That’s an amazing thing when you think about it. The average American family income is $49,445, yet a great many Dartmouth families can pull together $62,125 (according to the recent estimate below by the College) to send a son or daughter to Hanover for three terms.

undergrad budget.jpgAs we have pointed out before, at the current rate of growth, in another ten years or so the total annual cost of a Dartmouth education will be around $100,000.


2 thoughts on “Dartmouth Costs $62,125 a Year

  1. Room and board have to be counted, because you need to pay them in order to go to college.
    If you had a paying job instead of going to college, these costs would be paid for by your income. By going to college full-time, you are giving up an income that you would otherwise have made.
    So in order to go to Dartmouth, you have to figure out how to come up with $62,125.00. Give or take.

  2. Not completely correct: Room and board should not be counted, as one has to pay amounts something like that anyway. I would hope the college type would spend that much on books as well, whether in college or not in college.
    We are left with $47-$48 K.
    Sure hope it’s worth it!

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