Day: July 9, 2012

Science Quotas for Women–A White House Goal

When college women study science, they tend to gravitate toward biology—about 58 percent of all bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in biology go to women. In contrast, women earn some 17 percent of bachelor’s degrees in engineering and computer science and just over 40 percent of bachelor’s degrees in physical sciences and mathematics. The likely reason for this, found in the study The Mathematics […]

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Anger and the Banality of Academe

My editors at the Chronicle last week declined to permit me to publish my last piece on the same-sex marriage debate. They pointed out, reasonably enough, the topic is “too far afield from and tangential to academe and academic policy to run on Innovations.” That topic has, of course, had plenty of play on another Chronicle blog, Brainstorm, but I understand […]

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A Delayed Coup in Maine Succeeds

In the last few months, the highest-profile administrative skirmish has occurred at the University of Virginia. The affair was depressing in that an important principle (the need for aggressive oversight by trustees) appears to have been used to advance a rather weak agenda.

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