Day: December 17, 2012

Right-to-Work and the “Weakening” of Academic Unions

The Michigan legislature has just passed a Right to Work bill. That will allow unionized workers in the state, including teachers and professors, to stop paying dues to the union representing them and not be fired – as would have previously been the case.  Unions almost always bargain for and get contract clauses stipulating that […]

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Another Diversity Double Standard?

Inside Higher Ed reports on a new study that analyzes what its abstract calls “gender bias” in the top ranks of STEM fields. It found that one explanation — that women publish less — is true but suggests “that women may be publishing less than men because departments are not providing them with the same resources.” The study found […]

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Israel and the Problem at Northeastern

During Chanukah, two students defaced a Menorah at Northeastern University, and Northeastern’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) led an ugly anti-Israel/pro-Hamas rally in Copley Square. One observer noted “the virulence of the chants and messages on the placards… suggest that more sinister hatreds and feelings… were simmering slightly below the surface.” Such sentiments suggest […]

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