Day: January 10, 2013

Why the Skewing of U.S. History Matters

Over the past several weeks, I’ve penned several posts examining the transformation of how U.S. history is taught, and studied, in higher education. The two clear patterns: (1) a decline in U.S. historians who study topics deemed “traditional”; and (2) a “re-visioning” of many of those who continue to study “traditional” topics to make their […]

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The Lean Years Are Upon Higher Education

The Book of Genesis alludes to seven years of plenty followed by seven lean years of want. For American higher education, the last forty years (roughly) have been years of plenty, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that many lean years lie ahead. Perhaps there won’t be any more fat years. The latest piece of […]

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Asians as the New Jews,
Jews as the New WASPs

Ron Unz’s cover story in the December American Conservative — “The Myth of American Meritocracy” — has generated an extraordinary level of commentary in popular magazines, op-ed pages and Internet blogs.  The article deals with the many non-meritocratic practices in the admissions policies of America’s most elite universities, especially the eight Ivy League institutions.   The […]

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