Day: January 29, 2013

Contesting the Use Of Tests

Standardized tests are often about as popular as the messenger murdered for bringing bad news — and if it were up to their critics, would meet the same fate. Their “disparate impact” on minorities (most recently discussed here) provides one of the standard justifications for continuing affirmative action. Now their use seems to be seeping […]

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Can ‘Interracial Conversations’ Justify Preferences?

I accepted some warm invitations from the Federalist Society chapters at law schools in the chilly Midwest and spoke last week at Indiana University, Notre Dame, and the University of Michigan about Fisher v. University of Texas, the case before the Supreme Court challenging the use of racial preferences in university admissions.  Here’s an edited […]

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University Presidents to Keep an Eye on

Two university presidents are in the news. Mitch Daniels, until recently Governor of Indiana, became Purdue’s president amidst much publicity. Arguably the most important leader in American higher education, Mark Yudof, announced he is retiring as the head of the University of California, having previously run the universities of Minnesota and Texas. Just recently, another […]

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