Day: February 12, 2013

Moody’s and the Crisis of the Universities

From the New Criterion Last month we noted some of the trends affecting the future of higher education in this country. One trend is the explosion in tuition and fees over the last several decades, an explosion matched by the hypertrophy of college administrators, as more and more “deans of diversity” and programs in non-subjects […]

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Check Out ‘Open Culture’

Here’s a plug for a site I belatedly discovered the other day: Open Culture offers free access to 650 academic courses, movies (from Charade to Charlie Chaplain), language lessons, self-help advice,  books (from textbooks to the Harvard Classics), audiobooks, a list of grants available to women, and much more cultural and educational  material “scattered across […]

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A College Behaves Badly Over Israel

The Brooklyn College pro-BDS event–with which the school’s Political Science Department formally voted to affiliate itself–has come and gone. The big news from the gathering last Thursday came not in anything the two pro-BDS speakers said (their anti-Israel ramblings were entirely predictable) but in reports from Tablet and the Daily News that four anti-BDS students […]

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