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Here’s David Frum hilariously quoting an all-gibberish
explanation by Columbia Professor Joseph Massad on why gay rights are a Western
imposition on the Muslim world:

is the universalizing means of production and it has produced its own intimate
forms and modes of framing capitalist relations, these forms and modes have not
been institutionalized across national laws and economies, and in the quotidian
and intimate practices of various peoples, in the same way…. This does not mean
that the hetero/homo binary was fully successful in normalizing Euro-American
societies either, but, rather, that it set itself as the hegemonic form of
organizing identities and continues to normalize populations in the West who
resist it (by claiming that they suffer from internalized homophobia, false
consciousness, and the like). The inability of the hetero-homo binary and its
commensurate socio-sexual identities to institute themselves in the same way
everywhere is also not unlike …. ” (etc.,etc. etc.)


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