Day: March 14, 2013

A New Left Historian Rewrites Some History

Can it be that “it is not left-wing academics, but ideologues of the radical right, who are pursuing political correctness in American universities?”  No, not really, but that’s what the 1960’s activist and historian, and more recently labor lawyer, Staughton Lynd, argues on The History News Network site. In a hagiographic obituary for historian Herbert Shapiro, Lynd charges that the right has […]

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The Times, OCR and Student Rape Trials

Nearly two years after the Office of Civil Rights ordered all universities to lower the procedural threshold through which accused students can be found guilty of sexual assault, the New York Times turned its attention to the issue–via a five-person “Room for Debate” item. Superficially, the segment seemed balanced: two essays in favor the policy, […]

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