Day: March 18, 2013

Does Affirmative Action Work?

In the Sunday New York Times Opinion Section Dan Slater asks, “Does Affirmative Action Do What It Should?”  However, his over-2000 word piece provides no semblance of an answer because he misrepresents affirmative action. “Affirmative action policies attempt to compensate for the country’s brutal history of racial discrimination by giving some minority applicants a leg […]

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Consumer Deals Coming to College Pricing

The end of higher education as we know it is no myth. Say you have three children and they’ll come of college age about two years apart. That’s a lot of money. But what if the college were to make you a deal? Buy one college education at full price, get the next college education […]

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NYU: $72 million in Odd Loans, No Confidence Vote from Faculty

For John Sexton, president of New York University, March came in a like a lion.  In one aggravating week Sexton found himself the subject of two biting stories in the press: a no-confidence vote from faculty and focus on $72 million in unexplained  NYU loans to Jack Lew and many others.  The first was merely […]

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