Day: March 28, 2013

Overcoming Shalala and the Speech-Code Movement

Remarks delivered upon acceptance of the Bradley Foundation‘s Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Award, March 15.                                                     *** Commitment to the principles of academic freedom was tested when new forces of politically correct censorship […]

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The Implausibility of “Stereotype Threat”

Defenders of affirmative action must work hard to explain away a serious problem: the tendency for the students admitted due to preferences to do relatively poorly in their coursework. When the class average in a calculus course is 85 but the average among the students who were preferentially admitted is 65, people start asking the […]

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Virginia Law Protects Campus Religious Groups

FIRE notes that The Student Group Protection Act has passed in Virginia, ending, in one state at least, left-wing activists’ practice of penalizing campus religious and ideologically-oriented groups with which they disagree. Under some college anti-discrimination rules, student Evangelical groups have been defunded or forced off campus for not allowing the election of leaders who reject […]

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