Day: March 29, 2013

A College with Strange Sex Misconduct Hearings
(‘No’ Means ‘No,’ and ‘Yes’ Can Mean ‘No’ Too)

Wayward reporter Richard Perez–Pena, who covers campus sex codes and hearings for the New York Times, recently examined events at four campuses: Amherst, Yale, the University of North Carolina, and Occidental, offering readers positive portraits of “activists” who seek to decimate due process protections for students accused of sexual assault. A hallmark of the Times‘ coverage of college sexual assault questions has […]

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“Where Are the Books?”

Cross-posted from Concurring Opinions Books have lined the shelves of the offices of all my colleagues at every school where I have worked.  In my early days of teaching, or when spending a term as a visitor, I’d wander into a learned neighbor’s office to get acquainted.  The titles and content of those books announced […]

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