Intellectual Diversity Tackled at Harvard

“Intellectual Diversity in Legal Academe” was the subject of
an April 5th conference sponsored by the Harvard Federalist Society
at the university’s law school. The videos of the one-day meeting are now
available here. You can watch the first panel, entitled “Is There a Lack of Intellectual Diversity in Law School Faculties?,” below. 


Among the speakers: 

Session One: Jack Goldsmith (Harvard), Jack Lindgren (Northwestern), Mark Tushnet (Harvard) 
Session Two: Richard Fallon (Harvard), Victoria Norse (Georgetown), Michael Paulson (St. Thomas), Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz (Georgetown) 
Session Three: Paul Campos (Colorado), George Dent (Case Western Reserve), Robert P. George (Harvard), Jeannie Suk (Harvard) 
Keynoter: Sherif Girgis (Yale)


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