Day: April 11, 2013

“The Unacknowledged Value of For-Profit Education”

The Manhattan Institute has just published my new report on the promise of for-profit colleges. I argue that though these institutions face greater scrutiny than any other sector of the higher-ed industry, we should celebrate their potential to accommodate untraditional students. I acknowledge for-profits’ shortcomings; however, I conclude that if the Department of Education is concerned about loan repayment, completion […]

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Here Come ‘Holistic’ Admissions to Med School

Inside Higher Ed reports this morning on the  Success for ‘Holistic’ Med School Admissions at Boston University: Boston University has demonstrated the success of “holistic” admissions for medical school, according an analysis published in  The New England Journal of Medicine.  Under such admissions, grades and test scores aren’t accorded the same dominant role they have […]

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Are Conservatives (or Libertarians) Ruining Liberal Education?

Plenty of liberals–and not just liberal professors–think there is a conservative conspiracy to use online education and MOOCs, to destroy genuinely higher education in this country. I see no organized conspiracy, and much of the liberal paranoia amounts to whining about the results of legitimate political defeats. Nonetheless, there is something to the thought that hostility to […]

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